The Discovery of a Book

This article was originally written as a talk I delivered at an exhibition held by artists Chris Richford and Jemma Watts in August 2014. It describes an ongoing collaborative project between Chris and myself entitled the Liber Parvorum Spirituum, a work of speculative fiction presented as a found text dating back to the early 17th century. The text is composed of a fragmentary treatise by a philosopher and occultist named Arthur Hazyard dedicated to the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, to whom the text had been sent, as well as a collection of letters to the same recipient. The talk was presented as a lecture on the book's discovery and subsequent translation, thereby extending the reality of the book while setting out its central themes and ideas.

Over the course of the book, our intention is to display an over-arching narrative of Athur Hazyard's progress across Europe, and to set out the strange metaphysical ideas which he promoted through his work, concerning the outer universe or Terra Praeter Limina, and the strange life forms that inhabit it.

The Discovery of a Book: November, 1978