The Aftermath of Magic

The Aftermath of Magic is a three part series which I wrote for Project Praeterlimina between October 2014 and April 2015. The functioning of Magic (capitalisation intentional) in the world of Praeterlimina ties in heavily with many of its central themes and ideas. In brief, Magic represents the interaction between the created universe, ad the 'un-created' space which resides beyond the material plain (many of these ideas are introduced in my article The Discovery of a Book, November 1979). When a link is formed between the created universe and the Terra Praeter Limina (the land beyond the boundary), it forms a bridge between a world governed by the laws of time, space and matter, and one where such concepts do not exist. This means that where a magical event has taken place, the properties of that place remain permanently skewed, resulting in a multitude of possible physical and temporal anomalies that remain unresolved. Hundreds of these sites exist across the world, in greater or lesser form, and this series charts a few such places where incidences of latent Magic have occurred.

Part I: The House of the Slime Moulds, and the Elspeth Library Anomaly

Part II: The Cave of Iniquity, Egypt 1967

Part III: The Bitter Plains of Apsynthos