Saturday, 15 July 2017

Femme-Fhtagn (Lucy Brady) is available for commissions

Over the last year I've been developing my writing in a couple of different directions to try and expand my portfolio with the aim of going freelance. Recently I've been working on a range of projects, reporting on London's fringe music scenes and exploring the more obscure themes in art and cinema from the last two centuries. Though I mainly come from a background in weird fiction and experimental horror, these things have always been an inspiration for me, and formed a thematic undercurrent throughout much of my work.

I am open to commissions from any of the types of projects set out below. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in discussing anything further.

Much of my work in non-fiction has been in the form of exploratory essays, looking into the particular themes present in art, literature and other media, and investigating their historical and philosophical background. Recently this has included studies of the subject of The Temptation of St Anthony in classical and modern art, and the ideas of AI and the uncanny in the film Metropolis (which is due for publication in Living in the Future Magazine later this year).

In terms of music writing, I am currently in discussions with a number of artists about writing articles on their work, and have a number of other connections within the darker and more experimental side of London's alternative music scene. I also recently published a blog reporting on the drone music scene in London and abroad, and plan to make it part of a series taking a detailed look at niche musical subcultures.

I am also open to commissions for reviews of any new albums, book or films releases, as well as events and exhibitions happening in London and around the country. I am able to work within tight deadlines and style guidelines, and am also able to supply photography for events and performances.

In addition to set articles and reviews, I am also interested in applying my skills as a writer to social media. As well as bands, this could be for any kind of art projects and events. This would cover things such as album or event copy to blogging and basic website management. I also have some skills in design, which I am able to supplement with my own photography and visual work. Examples of this can be found via my Instagram account.